Our clients decide who we are. One day being Denmark’s most efficient printing plant, to being Denmark’s most efficient packing center/room the next day, unto a whole different capacity the third day, is who we are. Our work is exclusively based on the needs of our customers, which is the reason why more and more choose to do business with us. We examine all possibilities to find the best possible solution to the job at hand.

From the Nordic countries to all around the world, we have near-unlimited flexibility at our disposal. We deliver and produce assignments for some of the largest firms in the country and continue to cater to a wide variety of upcoming businesses.

We have many years of experience in the print media industry, working as both the customer and the supplier. Our employees all have extensive experience in procurement, project management and sourcing

We have a permanent staff of graphic trained personnel who participate in all press starts with our customers, to secure everything is as planned.

We provide the best solution at the best price – that you’ve heard before, but you’ve only experienced it after you’ve worked with us.


We are environmentally certified, ISO approved and Swan brand licensed